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Best Casino St. Louis 2011 - Lumière Place

Lumière Place

Lumière Place

999 N. Second St.

St. Louis, MO 63102


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Lumière Place feels like Las Vegas. And there is no greater compliment for a casino in the heartland. Its gambling floor is sleek and elegant, with muted tones and soft lights framing 2,000 slot machines, more than 50 tables and, in an adjacent room, a baker's dozen of poker tables. Strolling through the grounds, you'll notice the pleasant diversity of the patrons: tailored suits beside transparent green visors beside gray Puma sweat suits. Need a place to calm the nerves while your team tries to cover the spread and win some cash? Cross the carpet over to Lumière's Stadium Sports Grill, one of the most physically impressive sports bars in the city with its 200-plus seats, 50 flat-screens, gold-tinted sports images and an open floor plan that gives one section of seating an indoor-patio feel. It's a great place to refuel before winning your money back.

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Feels like Vegas????? Since when did Vegas start charging $4.50 for a beer while you gamble, and not comp you a lunch buffet when you drop $700 in less than an hour???? I've gone there twice in the last eight months to play the $35 poker tournaments (only because friends wanted me to go) that are now $60. Feels like Vegas????? I guess you've never been there (just like the guy in the evevator on TV).


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