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Best Dollar Store St. Louis 2011 - Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

3220 Laclede Station Road

Maplewood, MO 63143


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Hula dancer figurines. As-Seen-on-TV gimcrack. Fake flowers. Kids' socks. Costumes. Snacks. Helium balloons. TV Dinners. Two-for-$1 greeting cards. The question becomes: What can't you harvest from the Dollar Tree? The place has everything! And unlike other so-called dollar stores, everything here really is a buck or less. But what we really love about this particular Dollar Tree is its friendly cashiers — who seem as genuinely excited as we are each time we bring a cart full of bargains to the checkout lane. We also appreciate that Dollar Tree remains the local tree of life, so to speak, providing much-needed commerce to an all-but-abandoned Maplewood strip mall.

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John Grimm
John Grimm

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