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Best Hotel St. Louis 2011 - Four Seasons St. Louis

Four Seasons St. Louis

Four Seasons St. Louis

999 N. 2nd St.

St. Louis, MO 63102


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The term "staycation" is so 2008 — but, hey, you know what else is so 2008? The current economy. Gone are the transatlantic flights, the weekends in Manhattan, the multiday Disney World expeditions. This is a time for brown-bagging lunch and busting out those Excel skills to create a monthly family budget. But because responsibility should be rewarded, we're recommending that you set aside some extra cash for an amazing night or two at the Four Seasons. Simply unlike any other hotel in St. Louis, the Four Seasons transports guests to an absolute paradise, where needs are not simply met — they're anticipated. Unpack your overnight bag in one of the hotel's elegantly appointed rooms and draw back the shades for a majestic view of the Arch. As you dress for dinner, catch up on the news by watching the flat-screen TV embedded in the bathroom mirror. When it's time to dine, take the elevator to the eighth floor and enjoy modern Northern Italian cuisine from award-winning chef Fabrizio Schenardi, whose veal-and-truffle ravioli will have you in raptures. Repair to the Sky Terrace afterward for cocktails and one of the city's most breathtaking views. In the morning, let the wonderful aestheticians at the on-site spa work their magic (the warm-stone massage and antioxidant-vitamin C facials are particularly popular), and then spend the balance of the day lounging poolside. This is one in-town getaway that feels like a true vacation. After the summer's economic ups and downs, grabbing some well-deserved R&R is so 2011.

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Hotels In Phuket

Many people while traveling look for the best accommodation to stay and relax and for all of them, the hotel which you mentioned in the post is very comfortable. I am glad I visited here and gathered a huge knowledge about the place.


On September 20th my partner and I decided to spend the day at the pool at the Four Seasons since I had gotten a good deal to do so. It gave us an opportunity to try out a luxury hotel in our own backyard. Spending the day at the pool at the Four Seasons is not cheap at $50.00 per person just to enjoy their facility is sure to keep many away. This was apparently the case this day. When we arrived there were only 2 other women at the pool.

Juleigh, my partner, and I were both impressed with the contemporary design of the hotel and the cleanliness of it. The pool help was very kind and courteous and helped us find a nice place to settle for our afternoon of sun and fun. We were sitting in area all by ourselves and like many couples taking a day off to enjoy the last rays of summer we were affectionate to one another.

Since we were in an area near the dining area we were asked to move down by the pool as dinner time rolled around. This, we were told, is basic pool policy and they do that each night. We were told that diners don't appreciate seeing half naked people enjoying the pool while they eat. So we moved to the pool area.

As it got a little cooler we decided to try out the jacuzzi which happens to be about 100 feet from the dining area. While enjoying the warm water we snuggled next to one another and were kissing. At which time a member of security approached us and told that kiss was not allowed and that diners were complaining about it. I asked to speak to management. The manager came over to us and basically stated the same thing, kissing was not allowed even by heteroes. I questioned this since being a travel agent I am aware of no such laws at any hotel and I know that they perform weddings and offer honeymoon stays and romantic getaways. I also mentioned to the manager that September 20th was the first day that DADT had been overturned and that members of the military could finally be open about being gay. I also mentioned that gay people can now get married in our country. He said something about us not being a 'normal' couple but did relent and left us alone. We did not stop kissing and we were harassed again by security.

Once we got out of the jacuzzi and went back to our seats we were again approached by staff asking us to leave. Noticing it was only about 7pm and the pool closes at 8pm I told them that since we paid to be there we would leave when the pool closed. After this we were approached by a couple that had come for dinner and they mentioned to us that the way management was treating us was appalling. We thanked them for noticing what was going on and for letting us know that not everyone there was bigots.

At 8pm one of the same members of security, that had spoken to us earlier, came over to us to escort us out. I mentioned that maybe he should call the police on us and he did call someone. As we made our way down the elevator to the lobby we were greeted by their goon squad, 2 very large Italian men, probably 400 lbs each to make sure that 2 kissing lesbians made it safely out of their hotel. As we passed by the casino we thought that we would try out luck before we left for the night. Well, just so happens that upon trying to enter the casino we were stopped by the same goon squad under the pretense that we had had too much to drink. Which is funny since in 6 hours sitting around the pool we each had consumed 3 drinks and had lunch.

All in all I would say that the Four Season is a nice hotel if you happen to be a 'normal' couple. If however, you are a gay couple I would rethink going to this hotel. At least inquire about their kissing policy before you spend any money here. And if you are a hetero couple that cares about how others are treat then maybe spending your hard earned dollars at another hotel that doesn't bully lesbians is more your style.

The Four Seasons has taught me that some bullying doesn't stop just because you are no longer in school. And due to recent events I see a trend of bullying lesbians for kissing.

Teresa Folds51 year old mother and grandmother who finds nothing wrong with being openly affectionate with the woman that I love.


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