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Best Jam Band St. Louis 2011 - Aaron Kamm and the One Drops

Stylistically Aaron Kamm and the One Drops does not conform to the jam-band template pioneered by the Dead and Phish; instead, the band's reggae tendencies and Kamm's expressive melodies put the trio in league with Sublime and the Police. Yet the group has been embraced by the Schwagstock crowd, and there are more similarities than a mutual love for a certain herbal supplement. The band stretches tunes into jazz-informed improvised territories beyond the seven-minute mark, and bassist Andy Dorris and drummer Sean Raila make a fascinating rhythm section — Raila's ghost-notes on live staple "For Today" are particularly impressive. Aaron Kamm and the One Drops can be intellectually stimulating or achieve hippie transcendence, but the group always burns its sacrifices at the altar of the groove.

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Ian Lackey
Ian Lackey

Best local band I have seen since The Urge and I like the One Drops more! Not sure why these guys are on MTV cribs by now... ;)


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