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Best Liquor Store St. Louis 2011 - Bob's Package Liquor

Bob\'s Package Liquor

Bob's Package Liquor

9347 Gravois Road

Concord, MO 63123


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Affton isn't home to too many landmarks (aside from the mighty Grant's Farm, of course). But what this southern suburb has is plenty of noteworthy roadside signs. For example, there's the beautiful neon of Federhofer's Bakery, which is just north of the recently updated advert for Phil's BBQ. And when you're thirsty, there's no greater landmark than the big red sign pointing you to Bob's Package Liquor. The venerable booze slingers at Bob's stock no shortage of quality hooch — there are twenty-plus brands of vodka and whiskey each, and even more esoteric elixirs dot the shelves. Vanilla cognac? Yellow chartreuse? They've got it. Beer drinkers have their pick of brews both big and small, as Bob's stocks an appreciable amount of small-batch labels alongside domestics. So whether you need a keg of Busch or a handle of the Glenlivet, Bob's Package Liquor has you covered.

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