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Best Local Girl Gone Bad St. Louis 2011 - State Senator Jane Cunningham

Jane Cunningham of Chesterfield is one of those Republicans who claim to be looking out for The Children. Hence Cunningham's sponsorship of the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act, which was designed to stop teachers from molesting youngsters, as well as her pushing of a bill that would require libraries to develop policies to keep "obscene" material out of the kiddos' greedy little mitts. But Cunningham's child advocacy led to nothing short of a shitshow in the past year. Turns out the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act would ban parents who happen to be teachers from corresponding with their own relatives on Facebook. D'oh! And then there was Senate Bill 222, which aimed to remove a whole bunch of child-labor laws, including the state's long-standing ban on preteens working, its laws barring children working in motels and the requirement that fourteen- and fifteen-year-old kids get work permits to make sure they're not being exploited. Apparently Cunningham is just fine with preteens toiling away in factories — as long as they're not looking at dirty books or Facebooking their teachers between. We're not going to pretend that we ever found Cunningham all that reasonable, but, honestly: Even we had no idea she was this nutty.

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There are 14 and 15 kids who would LOVE to work.  The OSHA laws would still protect them, this isnt a 3rd world sweat shop scenario.  With some restrictions like number of work hours, times of day, etc.  I'm sure these kids would be just fine.  If the kids want to earn, make it available, I'd say.  At minimum, its and experiment, see how it goes, might do this coddled generation some good.  Let them live.  The Federal govt is legislating "protection" of the kids on family farms.  Can't have our kids doing chores any more?


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