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Best Mexican Market St. Louis 2011 - Supermercado El Torito

Supermercado El Torito

Supermercado El Torito

2753 Cherokee St.

St. Louis, MO 63118


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According to the post office, the street address for Supermercado El Torito is 2753 Cherokee Street, but the original painted numbers on the transom reflect the truth: 2743-53. Where most Mexican markets would stock a few varieties of dried and canned beans, here they take up entire aisles. There's lime-seasoned Mexican mayonnaise, nopal cactus, dried hibiscus blossoms, fresh beef tongue and great sheets of warm chicharrones (deep-fried pork rinds). And there's an array of kitchen gear, from mortars and pestles to heavy aluminum pots to those wooden hot-chocolate whips that look like percussion instruments. And gracious, we're just getting started! May we interest you in some Jesus-themed string art? Where do you stand when it comes to pointy-toed boots in colors not found in nature, quinceañera tiaras and plaster statues of the Virgin of Guadalupe with the face of a Precious Moments figurine?

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Nopal cactus
Nopal cactus

The information is very interesting. You make me understand. You helped me so much. Thanks for sharing this. It made me understand something, and it is that I never knew before.


Don't go there, Nopal Cactus, it's a trap! They want to chop you up and sell you there!


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