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Best MMA Gym St. Louis 2011 - Finney's HIT Squad

Finney\'s HIT Squad

Finney's HIT Squad

400 A St.

Granite City, IL 62040


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Founded by UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes, the HIT Squad has established itself as a premier MMA training facility. Now known as Finney's HIT Squad after being purchased by local fighter and promoter Jesse Finney, the gym still boasts some of the best training opportunities in the region. Forget those Tuesday and Thursday classes: The HIT Squad offers aspiring mixed martial artists the opportunity to live their training around the clock. For only $1,500 a fighter can spend three months living in the on-site barracks, training full time — cheaper than most people's rent. A six-month stay is just $2,500. But if you're just a casual trainer, this is still a place with many options. Besides classes in muay Thai kickboxing, jiujitsu, boxing and wrestling, the club also offers conditioning courses and has a full gym with weights, machines and cardio equipment.

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I had a horrible experience with Finney's. All the the trainers and fighters left in the short time that I was there. The atmosphere in the gym became very negative. I've joined another MMA gym and am much happier with the trainers and quality of the classes.


LOL with all the great fighters they produce....oh wait they don't. HIT was good but they fired all the coaches and the talent left. Finney's HIT getting this title is a joke. SCMMA has fighters in the UFC, Strikeforce, and Bellator.


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