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Best Place to Meet Married Women St. Louis 2011 - DeMun Park

DeMun Park

DeMun Park

810 DeMun Ave.

Clayton, MO 63105

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Sorry to do this to you, ladies. But, damn! What's a red-blooded man with no morals to do? You sexy mamas playing with your children at DeMun Park look sooo fine, we can't help but want to meet you. Speaking of help, gentlemen, here's our suggested plan of action: Borrow yourself a toddler, and head to the park around 10 any morning. (Afternoons, especially the nap hours between 12 and 3 p.m., are slim pickings, we've found.) Don't worry about what to say to the ladies. You may not know it, but kids are the perfect wingmen! Just wait for your borrowed tot to pull the hair of the child of one of the gorgeous moms who frequent this children's park. Apologize to the MILF profusely, and then shrug your shoulders while saying, "Kids. I wish I had an instruction manual for them." Next thing you'll know, you'll be chitchatting away. If the conversation is going well, invite her and her brood to nearby Kaldi's for a coffee. If it's going really well, leave the kids at the park and invite her to nearby Sasha's for glass of Chablis.

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