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Best Place to Meet Single Men St. Louis 2011 - Shaw Dog Park

Shaw Dog Park

Shaw Dog Park

Cleveland Ave. and Thurman Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63110


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Disney movies can have a nefarious effect on a young person's soul. How many of us, after watching 101 Dalmatians, grew up believing there was nothing so romantic for dog owners than getting all tangled together in a leash, your body suddenly hip-to-hip with your soul mate? Sorry, doesn't happen. In real life, you juggle the leashes and then hurry on to wherever you're going and, to further kill the mood, you're probably also juggling a plastic bag of dog shit. But here's a real-life romantic story, which (we swear) actually happened at the Shaw Dog Park: On a warm summer evening, you're sitting on a bench with several other single people watching your dogs dive for tennis balls and chase each other around. You're making idle small talk, exchanging neighborhood gossip, when suddenly you feel something warm and salty trickle down your leg. The offending pup's owner chivalrously produces a Kleenex and delivers a firm rebuke to the dog. Then he gazes meaningfully into your eyes and says, "So sorry about that. Could I buy you a drink to make it up to you?" Conveniently, there are two bars within easy walking distance, both with patios where the dogs can hang out (and bathrooms where you can scrub yourself more thoroughly). It's lovely. Romantic, even. And you resolve that when it comes time to tell other people how you met, you'll just skip the part about how his dog peed on you.

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