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Best Place to Skate St. Louis 2011 - Ramp Riders

Ramp Riders

Ramp Riders

2324 Salena St.

St. Louis, MO 63104


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Inside the old Falstaff brewery warehouse, 30,000 square feet of space for skating and BMX racing await urban daredevils. The first indoor skate park in St. Louis, Ramp Riders is the brainchild of Chad Hehner, who has been riding BMX since he was ten years old. Now 36, Hehner is still skating and built his BMX haven to teach the hobby to younger generations. Although the majority of his patrons aren't much older than Hehner was when he first started — somewhere in the 10- to 17-year-old age range — you'll see people as young as 2 and old as 50. And with a pro shop and concessions, the eleven-year-old Ramp Riders is more than just a park. It's one-stop fun.

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Ramp Riders is a lame pay-for-play BMX park where skaters must compete with rollerblade wieners, razor scooting mini-dweebs, and BMXers in jeggings. Skateboarding is done at the Kingshighway bridge, and on the streets. Much less, Chad (a BMXer) bought Ramp Riders from someone else, who ran it for years. No authentic skate cred to this pick whatsoever.


No offense to Chad but Ramp Riders is a BMX park that lets skaters ride. There are many other choices for "Best Place to Skate". Just ask a skater....


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