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Best Public Golf Course St. Louis 2011 - Tapawingo National Golf Club

Tapawingo National Golf Club

Tapawingo National Golf Club

13001 Gary Player Drive

Sunset Hills, MO 63127


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With three different 9-hole courses to choose from, Tapawingo National Golf Club offers 27 extremely well-manicured holes to appeal to the weekend warrior and avid golf junkie alike. Between the tight-playing Woodlands, the long-as-hell beast that is Prairie and the more straightforward, target-shooting Meramec, you get the luxury of essentially playing three entirely different courses over the span of 27 holes. Anywhere between $40 to $70 will get you eighteen holes at the Gary Player-designed course, which beats the heck out of monthly country-club dues and assessments. And the facilities rival those at high-rent private joints, minus the holier-than-thou attitude from staff. Keep your eyes peeled along the way: Tapawingo hosts a bird sanctuary, and it's not uncommon to see hawks, herons and eagles swooping about come winter. Don't be surprised if you have to step away from the tee to let a family of deer scurry through the fairway. They're probably just trying to give you an opportunity to take in the picturesque view.

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