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Best Soul Food Restaurant St. Louis 2011 - Mom's Kitchen

Mom\'s Kitchen

Mom's Kitchen

1507 Goodfellow Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63112


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After operating at the corner of Goodfellow Boulevard and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive for more than a decade, Mom's Kitchen moved to new digs five miles to the southeast, on Delmar Boulevard just outside the shadow of the City Museum. There's not much more on this stretch of Delmar than car-repair shops, but Mom's exerts sufficient soul-food power to anchor the whole block. The setup's simple: A hot bar offers the main courses — rib tips, fried oxtails, chicken (baked or fried, and chicken wings if you're lucky) — alongside sides such as mac & cheese and some killer cabbage. There's a solid square of corn bread to sop up the overflowing goodness, and each table is equipped with the requisite squeeze bottle of hot sauce. Don't be surprised if Mom herself, proprietress Leola Meeks, pokes around to make sure everything looks and tastes good. Like any good Mom, she'll make sure you don't leave hungry. (Mom's web presence is confined to Facebook, reachable via this shortened link:

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Danny Riddell
Danny Riddell

How's the restaurant after moving there? I'm sure it now has a lot of patrons. I've seen great photos of meals on Mom's Facebook. Man, the dishes are tempting, especially the macaroni & cheese, and those turkeys! Whew!


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