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Best Tennis Courts St. Louis 2011 - Hudlin Tennis Center

Hudlin Tennis Center

Hudlin Tennis Center

700 South Kingshighway Boulevard

St. Louis, MO 63112

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So, these six courts can be a bit difficult to find. Harder still is to figure out who actually owns them. They lie in the shadow of Barnes-Jewish Hospital, just east of Kingshighway and north of Interstate 64, but calls to Forest Park Forever, the St. Louis Parks Department and Barnes-Jewish Hospital all resulted in different answers about their provenance. Suffice it to say that someone owns and maintains these courts, which are named after Richard Hudlin, a legendary black tennis coach from St. Louis who taught Arthur Ashe the game. They are a worthy testimony to Hudlin, with brand-new asphalt, paint and nets. Better yet: They're free, lighted and relatively unused. That is, until now.

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Kurt Bellon
Kurt Bellon

These courts are a meh. I guess something wasn't entirely correct with its surface when it was laid down because there seems to be a lot of dead spots and unevenness where water pools up when it rains. Also the position of the lights are on the ends of the courts, not the sides, which can make it easy to lose the ball in the lights. But in order not to be a debbie downer I will say that it is lit all night long with Barnes security guards on constant patrol so it is the best place to play some late night/early morning tennis. And it is the only choice for free tennis if you are a resident of the CWE. Heman Park's tennis center should win this category every year. It is the Washington park of St. Louis tennis. With its eclectic group of regulars, it always easy to find a pick up game.


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