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Best Vocalist (Female) St. Louis 2011 - Jenn Malzone

Readers' Choice: Readers' Choice: Erin Bode

Between her work with Tight Pants Syndrome, the Paper Dolls and Middle Class Fashion, vocalist/keyboardist Jenn Malzone has released dozens of songs in the past twelve months. If her various projects hardly stray from power pop, it's because she embodies the phrase. Her powerful pipes never pull back to manufacture cutesiness or vulnerability, and she never strains her breezy alto into a growl to contradict pop's friendliness. Malzone's middle-of-the-road delivery is not unlike Neko Case's confident crooning; both sound excellent when double-tracked in the studio, and both are universal enough to avoid a write-off as an "acquired taste." Jenn Malzone deals in quantity and quality. Few make such prolificacy seem so effortless.

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