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Best Weathercaster St. Louis 2011 - Kent Ehrhardt

When St. Louis was battered by severe weather this spring, KMOV-TV (Channel 4)'s Kent Ehrhardt was the area's most compelling televised meteorologist. Some of his contemporaries approached the storms with the detachment of a taxed clock-puncher, but Ehrhardt reported each new tornado sighting or flash-flood warning with the perfect level of urgency: Just enough to justify the interruption of your regularly scheduled programming without causing a panic. Even after last year's demotion from chief meteorologist status at KMOV, Ehrhardt's forecasts are the area's most trustworthy — he's the station's main man on Twitter, and his predictions have been known to appear in a Post-Dispatch or two. Furthermore, his delivery is teeming with compassion. Ehrhardt understands that we share the same volatile clouds and, therefore, we're all in this together.

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You have GOT to be kidding!!!!! With all his verbal blunders and forgetfulness, suppose that makes him human like us but not broadcaster material. After 27 years he never even received an Emmy! Seedy yes, best weathercaster no. John Fuller or anybody but the jokester should receive it. He must "know" the right people to get voted for this mag. If you have ever watched Great Day, then you would know what people really notice and think about him. Very sarcastic and downright silly unless he has multiple personalities?


No, Dave Murray, or even Angela Hutti should've gotten it. But at least it wasn't Cindy Preszler.


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