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Best Weathercaster St. Louis 2011 - Kent Ehrhardt

When St. Louis was battered by severe weather this spring, KMOV-TV (Channel 4)'s Kent Ehrhardt was the area's most compelling televised meteorologist. Some of his contemporaries approached the storms with the detachment of a taxed clock-puncher, but Ehrhardt reported each new tornado sighting or flash-flood warning with the perfect level of urgency: Just enough to justify the interruption of your regularly scheduled programming without causing a panic. Even after last year's demotion from chief meteorologist status at KMOV, Ehrhardt's forecasts are the area's most trustworthy — he's the station's main man on Twitter, and his predictions have been known to appear in a Post-Dispatch or two. Furthermore, his delivery is teeming with compassion. Ehrhardt understands that we share the same volatile clouds and, therefore, we're all in this together.

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