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Best Bosnian Restaurant St. Louis 2012 - Bosna Grill

Bosna Grill

Bosna Grill

10020 Gravois Road

St. Louis, MO 63123


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It's easy to miss Bosna Grill, nestled as it is in a nondescript Affton strip mall between a cell-phone store and an income-tax preparer, identified by a tiny sign barely visible from Gravois Road. But it's worth the hunt — even worth driving back and forth a few times before you finally find it. Because here you will find the best cevapi you will ever eat outside of Bosnia. It's true. The little beef sausages are all freshly grilled — no heat lamps or steam tables here! — then tucked in a spongy, round, ciabatta-like roll called lepinja (also lightly grilled). You can garnish as you like with sour cream and chopped onions. Just order the cevapi. You can't possibly go wrong. OK, if for some reason that's not enough for you, Bosna Grill offers a reasonably priced Bosnian meat sampler that gives you a fine introduction to the national cuisine: pljeskavica (the Bosnian answer to a hamburger); suduk (a spicy sausage); chicken and veal; all served with a side of excellent fries and ajvar, a peppery sauce. No, there will not be a quiz. The menu above the counter is written in English. There are also gyros. No one will laugh at you if you can't pronounce "pljeskavica." (It's "plee-es-KAV-ee-ka.") All you have to do is eat. And pay. But with the prices so modest and the food so good, neither will prove much of a problem.

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Love this place! Best around!


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