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Best Corner Store St. Louis 2012 - Gustine Market

Gustine Market

3155 Gustine Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63116


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Some corner stores have Hershey bars. Gustine Market has Kakao chocolate bark. Some corner stores have Tombstone frozen pizza. Gustine Market has Shakespeare's, imported from Columbia. Some corner stores offer a choice of six-packs of Bud, Miller and PBR. Gustine Market has those, too, but also New Belgium, Delirium Tremens, Boulevard and Schlafly. Some corner stores might have the odd bottle of Yellow Tail. Gustine Market has wine and beer tastings on select Friday nights. Yeah, you read that right. Wine and beer tastings. Some corner stores have grumpy clerks behind the register who can't wait to take your money and see you walk out the door. Gustine Market has friendly cashiers who engage you in pleasant conversation while they ring up your purchases. Some corner stores...well, you get the idea, don't you?

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