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Best Guitarist St. Louis 2012 - Christopher Trull

Readers' Choice: Readers' Choice: Jimmy Griffin

Guitarist Christopher Trull possesses the rare trifecta of unparallelled technique, endless creativity and excellent taste. He respects the instrument without succumbing to its pitfalls and pushes its sonic capabilities without the aid of effects. When Trull joined long-running avant-garde trio Yowie this year, the move was a win-win for all. Trull, who had been a relative recluse since his freakishly impressive group Grand Ulena disbanded, has a new outlet. Yowie now has a much-appreciated spring in its step; Trull's interpretation makes the band's fragmented rhythms sound like melting images in a Dali landscape rather than variables in a math equation. With Christopher Trull out of the practice room and onto the stage (or stage-like area of floor), St. Louis gets to dust off and display one of its most obscure trophies.

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