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Best Hip-Hop Artist St. Louis 2012 - Thi'sl

Readers' Choice: Readers' Choice: Nelly

Travis Tyler made a name for himself on the freestyle circuit long before he swore his life to God, changed his moniker to Thi'sl and landed an album on top of the iTunes hip-hop chart. He grew up dealing drugs in west St. Louis, but turned his life around after a horrible chain of events: One of his best friends killed his cousin in broad daylight. Tyler was brought in for questioning when his friend turned up dead a few weeks later, and when the dust settled Thi'sl was born. He is a huge presence, quick with a rhyme and endlessly charismatic. He's got a bright smile and a professional manner that has endeared him to an unusually wide range of people around the country. And he has having no trouble finding new fans every day. Sometimes it all works out.

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@abrahamsangha Been dipping my (ear) toe into listening to some Gospel Hip-hop. Ever listened to Beautiful Eulogy?


@jeremiahcox But that's definitely only dipping a toe.


@jeremiahcox yessir. I love their risk-taking. "Anchor" is ill.


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