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Best Junk Store St. Louis 2012 - Goodwill Outlet

Goodwill Outlet

Goodwill Outlet

3728 Market St.

St. Louis, MO 63110


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"If you're serious about this, you'll want to get yourself a pair of gloves," one experienced junktaur tells RFT, without looking away from a new blue bin with piles of unmatched shoes. Ever since it opened last year, the Goodwill Outlet — where clothing is 79 cents a pound and everything else just 39 cents a pound — has become a mecca for take-no-prisoners bargain hunters, weekend thrifters who don't mind a little grime and everyone in between. You can approach the Goodwill Outlet one of two ways: Pounce like a hyena on a new bin of unsorted wares with a dozen other gloved warriors. (You'll get shoved, and you may have to put up a fight for that brand-new camping tent you find amid the wreckage.) Or pick through the leftovers like a vulture. Sometimes you'll find gems: vintage leather purses, a working record player, a size-two Armani dress with tags, all for under $5 on the Goodwill scales. But if you're not ready to don rubber gloves, books, glassware and strange odds and ends are a safe bet here.

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"Best Junk Store"?  No, more like best trash pile. It's really just an over-grown dumpster without the food refuse.


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