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Best Liquor Store St. Louis 2012 - Vom Fass

Vom Fass

7314 Manchester Road

Maplewood, MO 63143


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Readers' Choice: Readers' Choice: Randall's Wine and Spirits

Don't go to Vom Fass on an empty stomach...unless you're ready to take a cab home. The German boutique in Maplewood — one of just seven in the United States — may not look like a place to get boozed up, but walls of absinthe, brandies and whiskies don't lie. And neither do the salespeople here when they invite you to taste anything that catches your eye. Their dazzling selection of imported liqueurs includes rose, baked-apple and nut chocolate (think Nutella!). The heartier drinkers among us will appreciate the many casks of hard-to-find aged whiskies from across Scotland and Ireland. Vom Fass literally translates to "from the cask," and employees will happily decant you a taste of whatever strikes your fancy. In accordance with U.S. law, the boozes-for-purchase have already been bottled, but the store's olive oils, vinegars and other nonalcoholic liquids can be poured to order from barrel to bottle. Taste, learn and be merry!

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WTF, RFT? I just saw your errata in this weeks issue. Since you've already stealthily edited the website, I'll reproduce it here for you.


"Regarding last week's "Best of St. Louis" issue, "Best Liqour Store" winner Vom Fass does not sell bourbon or carry violet- or elderflower- flavored liquer. Additionally, in accordance with federal laws, all liquors sold are bottled at the distillery."


Firstly, how the heck does the "Best Liquor Store" not carry bourbon? They're European? So I guess I'm not going to find tequila, sake or any California wines there either. It sounds like Vom Fass has an interesting concept and I'll maybe check it out sometime, but I'm sticking with Randall's


Secondly, and more importantly, how did you manage to get that much wrong?  Went on an empty stomach? I hope you took a cab.


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