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Best Local Record Label St. Louis 2012 - Tower Groove Records

Tower Groove Records is not the first local label built on a communal mentality (see: the defunct utopian Collective Records), nor is it the first named for a St. Louis geographical pun (see: MapleHood Rekkids). But it might be the most gung-ho, best-organized new label, as proven by its elaborate first release, a double LP compilation with a track list that reads like a who's who of local indie rock. Folkie Beth Bombara, psych-rocker Bug Chaser and pop veteran Bunnygrunt alone make the comp worthwhile, and that's before we've even reached noise-punk outfit Catholic Guilt alphabetically. If it continues on this trajectory, Tower Groove's fleur-de-lis logo is likely to double as a branding mechanism for its artists and a symbol of quality control.

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