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Best Neighborhood Restaurant St. Louis 2012 - The Block

The Block

The Block

146 W. Lockwood Ave.

Webster Groves, MO 63119


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The Block brings both the old and the new to Old Webster. Though it proudly calls itself a "neighborhood establishment," the restaurant doesn't rely on a cliché bar-and-grill menu; instead the fare is what might be called contemporary American rustic bistro: housemade pork rinds and pork confit; a grass-fed beef burger; entrées that feature beef, chicken, pork and trout farmed close to home. But the Block is also a throwback to a time before grocery shopping was a one-stop affair at a colossal supermarket. Not only does the restaurant butcher the meat it serves to diners, but it will sell you said meat at retail: steaks, pork chops, sausage, bacon, ribs and more. You can even purchase half of or a whole hog through the Block, and the butchers will break it down for you. Downright neighborly of 'em, don't you agree?

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