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Best Pet Store St. Louis 2012 - Airedale Antics

Airedale Antics

7316 Manchester Road

Maplewood, MO 63143


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It's easy to spoil pets: dry food, wet food, treats, chews, toys. (And don't even get us started on outfits or, God forbid, costumes.) But a big part of loving your furry little friends is making sure that they eat well. Airedale Antics features a wide supply of natural dog and cat foods and treats inside its storefront in downtown Maplewood. "Natural" isn't just some marketing gimmick, by the way. Take a can of your favorite Major Brand dog or cat food and Google the ingredients — you might want to have a chemist on hand to explain what you find. But healthy doesn't mean boring. Your best friend will flip his or her, um, tail for treats flavored with smoked bacon or peanut butter or even apple and sausage. If you really want to blow your dog's mind (sorry, kitty, this one's for the barkers only), pick up the Himalayan-style chew, based on ancient recipe that includes, no joke, yak milk.

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@AiredaleAntics Congrats!!!! :) You have a nice store.


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