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Best Place for a First Date St. Louis 2012 - Sam's Club (on a Saturday)

Sam\'s Club (on a Saturday)

Sam's Club (on a Saturday)

1350 W. Highway 50

O'Fallon, IL 62269


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A friend we'll call "Emily" met her suitor through an online dating website. His proposal for their first date: a bicycle ride on Grant's Trail, a bike path meandering through south county. She agreed to meet him just off the trail in the parking lot of Sam's Club. But when she arrived, he had a pre-date surprise: "It's free-sample day at Sam's," he said. "C'mon!" When they walked in, he flashed a membership card (one-day passes are also available). Amid the towering shelves and massive displays, the pair marveled at the vast variety of merchandise, all while engaging in first-date banter. Every time they ran across a free-sample booth, Emily says, the young man charmed the old ladies running it, greeting them with questions like, "Ooh, what do we have here?" She recalls: "I was smiling the entire time. I was in disbelief that (A) He'd chosen this as a date, and (B) That it was actually working." Their romance was short-lived, but she still admires his creativity. "Everything we did that day was free," she says. "But I didn't care. It was fun."

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And it wasn't entirely free.  I spent two dollars on bottled water...


We also rode bicycles down the Grant's Trail to Friar Tuck's on Watson for free wine tasting after leaving Sam's Club.


Her name was Emily.


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