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Best Place to Get Fatter St. Louis 2012 - GCS Ballpark

GCS Ballpark

GCS Ballpark

2301 Grizzlie Bear Blvd.

Sauget, IL 62206


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A fan of America's favorite pastime could get fat just stepping into a stadium; the fried, sugar-coated, cheese-doused and/or salt-soaked lurks around every corner. Think hot dogs, French fries, candy, bratwursts, nachos, frozen custard, chocolate-covered bananas, soda, beer. Diets and ballpark fare don't tend to get along. But if you're really wanting to stick it to the months of starvation, take a step into GCS Ballpark, home of the Gateway Grizzlies and the bathroom scale's biggest enemy: the Krispy Kreme burger, a greasy patty cooked on the grill, topped with bacon, cheese and served between the bagel-sliced halves of a glazed doughnut. No nutritional value whatsoever, but damn does it taste good. And if you're going to stick it to your diet, you might as well do it in a minor-league ballpark in a major way. Best of all, Frontier League spectating is a wallet-friendly experience all around, which only makes it that much easier to lard up in the best place to get fatter.

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