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Best TV News Anchor St. Louis 2012 - Mike Bush

Readers' Choice: Readers' Choice: Mike Bush

As TV news tries desperately to compete with the fast-paced news stream from the Internet, Mike Bush's approach is decidedly old school. KSDK-TV (Channel 5)'s news programs take pride in their accuracy, often opting to get the story right rather than be the first to report. Bush's deliberate delivery is an integral part of the station's aesthetic. He rarely trips over words and stresses syllables for maximum impact. He is the local champion of the end-of-paragraph dramatic pause, masterfully arcing the sentences downward when a story is to be continued. KSDK may employ the least sensationalist mainstream news team in St. Louis, and Mike Bush is the ideal frontman.

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You've got to to be kidding, Mike Bush? Perhaps it makes sense for 2012 but Sharon Reed is hands down the best anchor in St. Louis and should get the recognition for 2013 (if she stays put). She may have a questionable past, but her presentation is excellent and she doesn't carry a blue folder like her co-anchor or an iPad like Bush and his colleagues. I will give Bush credit for his charity work... he's just not good as a news reader.


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