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Best Venue to Die in the Past 12 Months St. Louis 2012 - Pig Slop Studios

Pig Slop was not just some dude's basement. First of all, it was more like an attic, but that's not the important point. No, that would be the openness it held from day one for odd arts of all kinds. Pig Slop didn't even begin with shows in mind — it was vaguely meant as a visual-arts haven — but it did not resist the development into sounds when it proved an able home for some of the city's strangest, oddest, most NSFW music. After more than a year of hosting local explorers and touring bands looking for a blank slate, Pig Slop began swinging like a big-league venue, hosting such luminaries as Chain and the Gang. And even though its past residents are moving on to new fertile spaces, the area inhabited by Pig Slop has already begun a new phase as a place for exciting art. Don't tell everyone and ruin it.

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