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Best Band Name St. Louis 2013 - Good Luck at the Hog Slaughter

Readers' Choice: Readers' Choice: Kentucky Knife Fight

A great band name needs to be singular but clever. After all, a careless one will be buried under piles of websites, never again to be seen or heard. Good Luck at the Hog Slaughter is suggestive, confrontational and clingy. Once a phrase used to usher a friend through an old family ritual, the saying "good luck at the hog slaughter" stuck to singer Jim Fitzpatrick's tongue. But hold on: Why would one need good luck at a hog slaughter? Are you the pig or the butcher?

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i saw these idots play saturday night. i was making a comment about how awful they are and the guy next to me started laughing and showed me a bag that was in his pocket. i looked inside and the smell hit me. it was full of poop. he looked crazy and was wearing a white pride shirt. he then pulled out a handful of poop and threw it up in the air  towards the front. i pulled out my camera because this guy was insane and he was throwing poop. i told him he was gg allin and he thre the bag in the crowd and put his other hand in his pants. he then pulled out a smashed log of poop and thre it at the stage. i couldnt understand  this. it landed behind the drummer. he then wiped his hands on some girl bystander and ran out. he was too crazy looking to try to stop him but i recorded it with my phone. 


Got to be one of the dumbest, crap band names I've ever heard in my life. Not surprised that the RFT would think it brilliant.


worst band name ever. sounds like a horrible high school band. vocals are total shit. music is not structured properly. it's bands like this who try to ape a style from 20 years ago. the mid west has allot of Punk / hardcore that needs to be known. these kids (minus the 40 year old drummer) need to be original. nO urgency in this music. no heart. just attitude to copy it right. this band will eventually go away, like all the others. nothing about this band will be remembered 5 years from now. i was watching bands just like this play house shOws  thru out the mid west 25 years ago. the few mid western bands that got known are now the bands everyone wants to emulate. lets not forget the name is a disgrace to vegetarians ( the real ones). Pity.


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