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Best Breakfast with a Hangover St. Louis 2013 - Benton Park Café

Benton Park Café

Benton Park Café

1900 Arsenal St.

St. Louis, MO 63118


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On the weekends, breakfast is an event. It should be long, boozy and full of carbs. You've been out all night in Soulard, and suddenly your best friend drags you out of bed with promises of biscuits and gravy. But at Benton Park Café, it's not just biscuits and gravy — it's the "BP Slinger." Two beer biscuits are topped with cheese, bacon, eggs over-easy and housemade gravy. You can get it with a side of fruit, but let's be real — you're going with the loaded potatoes. And yeah, there's probably going to be a wait — Benton Park Café isn't exactly a secret — but that's OK because you can head straight for the bar and get a $4 mimosa or bloody mary until you get a table. And the bartender won't be stingy. Trust.

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Everyone should try Luvy Duvy's!!! Its right down the street from here and there breakfast is AMAZING. and they serve it all day saturday. Plus overall its cheaper. I could go on forever about them but you should just try it yourself and make your own opinions! 


Easily my favorite breakfast place in Stl.  Also, their lunch menu is pretty legit.


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