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Best Country Band (Traditional) St. Louis 2013 - Diesel Island

It's easy to take Diesel Island for granted, to forget that it's still one of the strongest purveyors of classic country music in town. Once a regular at the long-gone Frederick's Music Lounge, the band — led by veteran singer Kip Loui and the Bottle Rockets' Brian Henneman, and featuring new members Tim McAvin and Spencer Marquart — Diesel Island now finds a home and gigs in a catch-as-catch-can fashion. And though its setlist is still anchored in '70s twang, the band doesn't need to stretch out. Nobody plays the great songs of '60s and '70s country music — from Waylon to Merle to Buck to all outlaw points in between — quite like these veterans.

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well I dont think u know what traditional country is if u said that diesel island is the best traditional band I have heard way better than these guys  I like the stand up base but where is their steel player & fiddle  ? this guys r the best in st.louis region? U must be listening to FM country  & in my option  todays country  that is played on FM radio stations is watered down BAD 80's rock. in order to have a good cw band U must have a good steel guitar & fiddle player & these guys have neither   & some of teh songs they play well I dont call that country I heard them on the rock stations back in the 70's


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