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Best Guitarist St. Louis 2013 - John Horton

As one of the finest sidemen in the history of St. Louis music, John Horton understands his role: to serve the song, not his ego. As a former member of Bob Reuter's Kamikaze Cowboy and Mike Ireland's Holler, and a current member of the Bottle Rockets and Colonel Ford, Horton is most at home in country settings, where melody is always close and the blues are never far behind. He's a deep listener, and he always knows where a song is headed, though he's incapable of playing the same lead twice. His technique is impeccable; his purpose is always emotional. Horton can play fast and mathy — and he has a secret love of progressive rock — but his signature sound is counter-melody, counter-riffing, playing against the grain and somehow always within it. He's one of those rare guitarists who really can play anything, but he'd rather just play what a great song deserves.

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You hit the nail right on the head in your discription of John's playing style


John has been a major contributor to the local (and national) scene for many years.

This is a well-deserved accolade.

Also a really nice guy!