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Best MMA Fighter St. Louis 2013 - Jesse Finney

Jesse Finney is a badass dude. He's got a lifetime of learning to kick ass behind him and now mostly trains other people how to kick ass. A member of the St. Louis Boxing Hall of Fame, he runs his own gym and heads up Finney's HIT Squad, an MMA team he purchased upon retiring back in 2011. Wait, he's retired? Why is a retired MMA fighter our winner, you ask? On December 30, 2012, a man in the process of shoplifting seven bottles of vodka from the Schnucks in Crestwood got into an altercation with a female employee. The man attempted to make his getaway but was stopped by — yep, you guessed it — Jesse Finney. Finney held the man until police arrived, and the day was saved. Well, except for one bottle of vodka, which was somewhat tragically smashed during the struggle. Besides that, the outcome was a good one, all thanks to Finney, a real-life crime fighter.

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Come on guys. He has won this twice out of the last 4 years .When  there are many other fighters from this area doing a lot bigger things, than supposedly stopping a petty thief.  Plus "his" gym won it in 2011. I put that in quotes because, he had only owned the gym for about 6 months at the time. Even though that particular gym had been there since 2008 and had been putting talent into big events since opening, but best gym wasn't even a category until 2011. It can't be made anymore apparent that this is set up. I wish they just wouldn't make it so obvious.  


Change this to Best Vodka Saver in St. Louis, or give this title  to a current fighter. A MMA fighter with a winning record...or maybe...I don't know the best  MMA figher in St. Louis.   Would you name the best Chinese restaurant  in 2013 a sub-par restaurant that closed 4 years ago?


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