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Best Open Mic St. Louis 2013 - So: Stories of Life

So: Stories of Life

So: Stories of Life

313 Belt Ave

St. Louis, MO 63112


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Say the phrase "open-mic night," and you'll witness uniform eye rolls and cringing from across the room. But the So: Stories of Life show, created by producer and writer Teya King and held the second Wednesday of each month at the Tavern of Fine Arts, seeks to elicit anything but. In The Moth Radio Hour meets This American Life, the evening encompasses a new theme each month and allows storytellers to express themselves in a raw, open fashion through poetry, song, dance — even burlesque, if the occasion calls for it. For those who aren't quite ready for prime time, you can have your story shared via the project's podcast and take the tales of others with you wherever you go. "It really celebrates the art of storytelling that I think people have lost over the centuries," says King. "It's forcing them to create the way they're supposed to be creating."

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SO...Stories of Life is back with all new performers, musical guests and so much more. Next Live Taping is Wednesday, February 11th at the Tavern of Fine Arts.


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