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Best Place to Take Out-of-Town Guests St. Louis 2013 - Chain of Rocks Bridge

Chain of Rocks Bridge

Chain of Rocks Bridge

10950 Riverview Drive

North St. Louis County, MO 63137

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Most major cities have art museums, zoos and various public attractions, but we have something unique: the Chain of Rocks Bridge. Located just south of the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, our special geography makes this site possible. The Chain of Rocks connects the Riverview area of north St. Louis County with Chouteau Island in Madison, Illinois. Though it was once a humming part of old Route 66, the Chain of Rocks Bridge has long been closed to vehicles and now serves as a serene pedestrian path that links us to our neighboring state across that mighty river. There are quite a few nature-related events hosted there throughout the year — such as the beloved eagle-watching gathering, Eagle Days — but you don't need an event to enjoy this site. The quiet bridge offers the chance to find peace every morning with the wind in your hair, a beautiful view of downtown St. Louis to the south and the always impressive Big Muddy gurgling below.

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Great idea! Send tourists to the Chain of Rocks bridge so that they can be raped then thrown off the bridge.

Some of us still remember the Kerry sisters.

optinstl topcommenter

I haven't been by there in a week or so (maybe this has changed for summer) but FYI, they either don't open the parking lot gate anymore or it is very rarely open, and in disrepair on the Missouri side.  There are bathrooms but they were also declining last time I actually had to use them. You may have to call the city parks department to come open the gate, or park in front of the metal barricades. Also keep in mind it is a footpath for people that don't have cars and don't mind the 4 mile walk to Granite City. (No buses up here that go across the river.  You have to go downtown.) You can ride your bike from downtown.  The riverfront greenway goes by there, although it is on the other side of Riverview for a mile or so before COR bridge. 


Don't you dopes know by now that the Big Muddy is the Missouri, not the Mississippi? 


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