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Best Podcast St. Louis 2013 - Politically Speaking

Politically Speaking

Politically Speaking

N. Grand Blvd. & Lindell Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63103


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OK, an admission: We totally have a journalism crush on Jo Mannies, Jason Rosenbaum and Chris McDaniel. The trio is part of the St. Louis journalism brain trust and, more important, their free podcast whispers sweet political nothings into our eager ears. Every week we log onto iTunes and download the latest installment of Politically Speaking, spending about 30 minutes listening to the buttery voice of McDaniel, the political savvy of Mannies and the hilariously terrible dry humor of Rosenbaum. Which elected official will be this week's guest? Will the team have to switch studios mid-podcast? Maybe there will be another live audience! Look, local politics can be uninspiring, but it's an important topic. The Politically Speaking team wades through the legislative muck and distills esoteric issues into language even a political virgin can understand — all in a format convenient for listeners. Let this be a tip of the cap to the St. Louis Beacon and KWMU (90.7 FM) for this topnotch public service.

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@MarshallGReport Not sure how many other podcasts there are here in STL. But enjoying the honor nonetheless.


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