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Jill Scott Peabody Opera House $39.50-$79.50
Cedric the Entertainer Peabody Opera House $39.50-$79.50
Ani DiFranco The Pageant $27.50-$30
Booty's Rubber Band Ambassador $35-$55
Shock G Ambassador $35-$55
The Wonder Years The Ready Room $19.50-$23
The Story So Far The Ready Room $19.50-$23
Modern Baseball The Ready Room $19.50-$23
Gnarvwolves The Ready Room $19.50-$23
The Magic Beans 2720 Cherokee $5-$10
Arpetrio 2720 Cherokee $5-$10
Quasar Camp 2720 Cherokee $5-$10
Cannonfield The Firebird $10-$12
King James and the Ki... The Firebird $10-$12
Corkbrush Field Mutiny The Firebird $10-$12
Bagheera Off Broadway $8-$11
Diesel Island Off Broadway $8-$11
Jay Nash Off Broadway $10/$15
Josh Day Off Broadway $10/$15
Blackwater '64 The Demo $8
Via Dove The Demo $8
Pistols and the Sisters The Demo $8
Mathias and the Pirates The Gramophone free
Spontaneous Serendipity Cicero's $8/$10
Ikaika Ronquillio Cicero's $8/$10
Anodes Foam Coffee & Beer $5
Blight Future Foam Coffee & Beer $5
Heavy Horse Foam Coffee & Beer $5
Sole Loan Schlafly Tap Room free
Ellen the Felon Schlafly Tap Room free
Tone Rodent Schlafly Tap Room free
Shotgun Abby Mangia Italiano free
Stone in Love: A Trib... Wildey Theatre $15-$25
Tom Hall BB's Jazz & Blues $5
Soulard Blues Band BB's Jazz & Blues $5
Funky Butt Brass Band Broadway Oyster Bar free
The Blues Crushers Beulah's free
Kevin Bilchik Cedar Lake Cellars free
Odair Assad Ethical Society $28
Mark Dew Hideaway Lounge free
Erin Bode Nathalie's $15
Mike Matthews Project Nightshift Bar free
Dance Floor Riot Patrick's $5-$7
White Collar Crime Sky Music Lounge free
Shrinking Violets Sky Music Lounge free
A Brighter Side Station House $10
Fanny Pack Station House $10
Unresolved Station House $10
Serapis Tuners On Main St. free
Serapis Tuners On Main St. free
Shiver Utopia Studios $5
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