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Mile 277 Tap & Grill

Mile 277 Tap & Grill

We've long been searching for a biker bar that doesn't make us want to bathe in hand sanitizer, and Mile 277 is the answer to our prayers. The owners spared no expense, from the brushed chrome doors to the hogs scattered throughout the bar.


Sandrina's is a below-the-radar gem in Dogtown that draws a diverse crowd of south city folk. Hipsters and hoosiers commingle for drinks and from-scratch late night food.
Los Punk

Los Punk

Born out of the need to simply have some fun, Los Punk on south city's Cherokee Street has cold brews and hot daily special street food.

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  • C-Mowes Nightclub

    C-Mowes Nightclub

    2107 Kingshighway East St. Louis, IL 62201

    C-Mowe's doesn't suffer from flashy pretension. This spacious, no-frills strip joint features a pair of stages and an impressively long bar. The clientele here in northern Washington Park is a bit older and more relaxed than the clubs clustered off Interstate 64 on the southern edge of town. In addition to a pool table, C-Mowe's also has a huge projector screen, on which the nice young lady who mans the bar will play Cardinals and Rams games. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • C.J. Muggs-Clayton

    C.J. Muggs-Clayton

    200 S. Central Clayton, MO 63105
    314-727-1908 Besides being a popular happy-hour spot, CJ Muggs also serves up a large variety of lunch and dinner options. Most any craving can be satisfied with selections including Bayou shrimp, nachos, meat loaf, risotto, vegetable pad Thai, burgers, pizzas (using both mozzarella and Provel) and an ample sandwich selection. On nice days, guests can enjoy their meals on CJ Muggs' large patio. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • C.J. Muggs-Webster Groves

    C.J. Muggs-Webster Groves

    101 W. Lockwood Ave. Webster Groves, MO 63119
    314-963-1976 With a large menu, big bar and plenty of seating, C.J. Muggs, at the corner of Lockwood and Gore avenues in Webster Groves, feeds and entertains locals and newcomers en masse. The menu features expected and unexpected bar fare, including Bayou shrimp sautéed in a beer-and-butter sauce, three-bean chicken chili and Creole gumbo. C.J. Muggs also serves an expansive selection of pizzas, baked with both mozzarella and Provel cheeses. Some of the restaurant's heftier bites include entrées, burgers and sandwiches, including a bourbon pepper steak, seared and topped with a sweet onion bourbon sauce and onion strings, a barbecued pulled pork sandwich and the "St. Louis Bleus" burger topped with blue cheese and bacon. Local musicians rock out on a corner stage, and after a few beers, you'll be waving your lighter in the air with a group of new best friends. C.J. Muggs also offers patio seating along the sidewalk, and the Webster Groves location houses a large private banquet room. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Cafe Eau

    Cafe Eau

    212 N. Kingshighway Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63108
    314-454-9000 Inside the swanky Chase Park Plaza next to the Eau Bistro, hotel guests and St. Louis locals alike can pop into Cafe Eau for an upscale dining experience. Take a seat in one of the high-backed booths or opt for a pool-adjacent table outside on nice evenings. The menu includes flat breads such as the Hill (Italian sausage, capicola, prosciutto, pepperoncini, Provel and tomato sauce), T-ravs, burgers, ribs and salads. Local bands and DJs offer music during the late-night hours, when you can barely see the bar over all the gelled, beautiful heads in front of it. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Candicci

    Candicci's Italian Restaurant & Bar

    100 Holloway Road Ballwin, MO 63011
    636-220-8989 If beer and burgers aren't your style, how about wine and pasta? For the past two years, Candicci's in Ballwin has been "slowly trying to educate people in the county of what real Italian food tastes like." With customer favorites like langusto supremo, tutto mare and spidino frutta mare, Candicci's has become a dining destination in a relatively short amount of time. But if you're feeling a little less adventurous, despite the assurance from employees, Candicci's also has pizza -- always a safe alternative. There are more than 40 varieties of wine in stock, plus live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and drink specials on weekdays. Dining solo? No need to feel embarrassed; there's always a game on TV. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Cards Soulard

    1530 S. 7th St. St. Louis, MO 63104

  • Carson


    1712 S. 9th St. Louis, MO 63104

    Located in the heart of Soulard, Carsons is known mainly as a go-to Karaoke stop on weekend nights. The colloquial vibe, cozy atmosphere and laid back crowd make it an easy place to grab the mic and cut loose on the small stage. But this dive offers great prices on cold brews all week long making it a great happy hour stop as well. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Casino Queen

    Casino Queen

    200 S. Front St. East St. Louis, IL 62201

  • Castletown Geoghegan Pub

    Castletown Geoghegan Pub

    104 W. Main St. Belleville, IL 62220

  • Cat & Fiddle Tavern

    8301 Old Saint Louis Road Belleville, IL 62223

  • Cat

    Cat's Meow

    2600 S. 11th St. St. Louis, MO 63118
    314-776-8617 Cat's Meow carries the aura of a cozy hole-in-the-wall with cheap shots and cold beer. The inner walls reflect the bread and butter of this Soulard-based bar: Mardi Gras. The room appears small and intimate, but provides plenty of space for small group mingling. The jukebox hits the spot with classic rock, and the game, whichever game you want to watch, occupies the TV screen. This old school Soulard hole-in-the-wall is cash only. The Cat's Meow sells beads above the bar, and the walls are adorned with snapshots of bygone Fat Tuesday revelry. Bartenders serve up hometown favorite TJ's pizza and diabolical drinks that give new meaning to the words "stiff pour." Ask for the cherry shot and you'll receive a teensy plastic shot with a maraschino cherry soaked in either moonshine or lighter fluid; our tastebuds still aren't sure which. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • CBGB


    3163 S. Grand Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63118 As a pseudo bar-cade and punk venue, CBGBs carries the dive bar aesthetic on its sleeve. GBGB has cheap beer, good jams and great people. Grab a cold PBR and hit the arcade cocktail table or the Pac-Man machine. Shuffeboard, pinball and darts provide more entertainment options in the next room. On a lucky night, the bar gets packed with show-goers and live music, ranging from dirty bar rock to snotty punk. Plenty of ashtrays and bar stools occupy the space, so smokers won’t need to bear the weather of the outside world. However, for the outdoor-inclined, a spacious patio with wooden benches provides ample seating. The building itself looks distinctly St. Louis, carrying with it a classic style preserved by punk culture. CBGB stands as the solid regular hang for the brazen barfly. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Charlack Pub

    Charlack Pub

    8334 Lackland Road Overland, MO 63114

    The Charlack's not big, but it's not too small, and close to 100 people can fit inside before things get uncomfortable. The small tables are perfect for gathering to watch local bands. The crowd is usually an older one, appreciative of the competitively priced drinks and one of the best open jam sessions in St. Louis. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Charlie

    Charlie's Pub & Grill

    2198 First Capitol St. Charles, MO 63301

    Since 1993, Charlie's has been serving area regulars and providing a place for nightly karaoke. Charlie's doesn't have a lot to offer in the way of food (it serves only frozen pizzas), but it has friendly, unpretentious atmosphere in spades. Upstairs, bartenders know every customer's name and drink preference by heart. Downstairs is another bar, a stage area with life-size statues of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Betty Boop, and a karaoke machine with more than 10,000 songs. Even if the sheer power of your voice is enough to shatter pint glasses at the bar, the staff at Charlie's promises you will never be booed. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Chaser

    Chaser's Lounge

    212 N. Kingshighway Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63108
    314-633-1000 Chasers is nestled in the Chase Park Plaza, right behind the entrance to the movie theater in this beautiful old Central West End hotel complex. It's a tiny hotel bar and somewhat oddly situated, thanks to the teeming thoroughfare through the lobby and in and out of the movies. But there's a good selection of basic spirits here, and at night when live jazz is smoothly wafting from one end of the lounge to the other, everything else seems to melt away. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Chaumette Vineyards and Winery

    24345 State Route WW Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670

  • Cheer


    1 Beckett Plaza Valley Park, MO 63088

    Hidden in an almost abandoned shopping strip, this long-standing veteran-friendly Valley Park dive still manages to be "a place where everyone knows your name." Though not much to look at from the outside, the inside is welcoming; it's highly likely that after only one visit, the bartender will personally introduce you to the regulars. Once inducted into the ranks, you will have no choice but to hear more than one of the stories that accompany Cheers' photos and memorabilia from past and present Army Special Forces. The pool table, substantial menu (including breakfast on Sundays), stage for live music on the weekends and plenty of space for the occasional drinking game offer something for everyone. Just don't be deceived by the mislabeled sign behind the bar: This is not McKenna's Irish Pub; no one is trying to fool you; they have been and always will be Cheers (since 1990). Someone just didn't know *their* name -- yet. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Cherry Lounge

    Cherry Lounge

    4600 Gravois Ave. St. Louis, MO 63116

    Cherry Lounge is a slick addition to the piebald collection of bars on Gravois. The bar itself is milky glass, glowing red from within and giving the place a clandestine glow. The tables and chairs are silver, with faux-ostrich leather upholstery, and geometric brushed steel can lights above the bar shine with softly colored bulbs - proving it's all in the details when you're aiming for an air of sophistication in a sea of same old, same old. The intimate bar is standing room only on weekends, full to bursting with Bosnian beauties, but there's no sexier place to sip on a quiet weeknight. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Fox & Hounds Tavern at The Cheshire

    Fox & Hounds Tavern at The Cheshire

    6300 Clayton Road Clayton, MO 63105
    314-647-7300 Fox & Hounds Tavern at The Cheshire features a classic Victorian ambiance, so don't be surprised if you think you're in London rather than Clayton. Don't expect total tranquility, though -- on weekend nights, the place gets as crowded as a pub in Piccadilly Circus. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Chevy

    Chevy's Fresh Mex-O'Fallon

    3005 Highway K O'Fallon, MO 63368

  • Chevy

    Chevy's Fresh Mex-O'Fallon, IL

    1305 Central Parkway Drive O'Fallon, IL 62269

  • Chez Marilyn

    Chez Marilyn

    119 W. Third St. Alton, IL 62002
    618-465-8071 Salon by day and bar by night, Chez Marilyn is a lounge for your inner glamourpuss. Old Hollywood posters deck the walls, and the movie-themed drinks (Casablanca, Bus Stop, Gone with The Wind) are as elegant as Audrey Hepburn at Tiffany's. In lieu of cashews or peanuts, Chez Marilyn offers free self-serve popcorn direct from an air-popping cart while televisions project the movies Marilyn's champions. Adding to the elegance is its outdoor seating area, a patio featuring cobblestones, live acoustic music and all that jazz. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Chihuahua's Mexican Restaurant

    1932 Mckelvey Road Maryland Heights, MO 63043-2855

    Chihuahua's Mexican Restaurant is a Mexican restaurant located in Maryland Heights. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Chubby's Warehouse Bar & Grill

    1022 E. Broadway Alton, IL 62002

  • Cicero


    6691 Delmar Blvd. University City, MO 63130
    314-862-0009 Food? Entertainment? Drinks galore? This sprawling Loop landmark has you covered. Peruse the super-extensive beer list, listen to live music (usually of the rock or indie variety) and stuff your face with way-better-than-average bar food. Pizzas here are thin-crust but not crackery, and the varieties - such as chicken Alfredo, "green" (broccoli, spinach, green pepper and pesto) and Buffalo shrimp -- are far from ho-hum. The salmon burger and the deep-fried artichoke hearts are unexpected treats, too. Cicero's has always been a haven for jam-band junkies, thanks to frequent performances by acts such as Madahoochi, but the club's show repertoire extends to everything from rock to alt-country to the occasional national touring act. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

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