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Square One Brewery

Square One Brewery

Housed in an old Lafayette Square tavern that was home to an Anheuser-Busch tavern a century ago, Square One's dozen different varieties of house-crafted beer include the staples of every microbrewery.
SOHA Bar & Grill

SOHA Bar & Grill

Step into SOHA Bar & Grill -- off of South Hampton Avenue, of course -- and find yourself in a lodge-like atmosphere complete with a fireplace and wall of taps.
Modesto Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Modesto Tapas Bar & Restaurant

In a neighborhood where Italian cuisine is king, Spain somehow manages to reign supreme at Modesto Tapas Bar & Restaurant. For more than a decade, the Hill neighborhood restaurant has served an extensive Spanish wine list alongside small plates.

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  • Penthouse Club

    Penthouse Club

    1401 Mississippi Ave. Sauget, IL 62201
    314-721-6008 You're not here for the cheap cover. You're not here for the cheap drinks. And you're definitely not here for the cheap lap dance. You're here for the ladies. And at the Penthouse Club, "where the magazine comes to life," the ladies rule. This chain, which comprises more than a dozen locations across the nation (and four others in Illinois, including Roxy's), offers a (comparatively) classy strip-club experience virtually in the shadow of the Arch. Vibewise, Penthouse feels more Vegas than east side, with its cozy chairs and cocktail tables. Dancers and cocktail waitresses alike greet and canoodle with customers as onstage performers dance to music from Duran Duran to Beyoncé while giving front-row patrons more than just an eyeful. Lap dance leave your tummy growling? Not to worry, there's a full dinner menu. So come hungry, and Read more about Penthouse Club >>

  • The Pepper Lounge

    The Pepper Lounge

    2005 Locust St. St. Louis, MO 63103
    314-241-2005 Walking into the resplendent Pepper Lounge, the phrase "spare no expense" comes to mind. From the staff to the leather fascia on the doors, everything about Pepper is posh. Heck, even the hallway to the bathroom and the back room are nice enough to get married in. This nightspot is where the genetically blessed come to mingle with River City's elite (think Cardinals, Rams and Blues in the flesh) and sip serious cocktails. Don't leave without ordering a martini, because Pepper's skilled bartenders muddle, twist, splash and scoop their way to greatness - the True Blood is a mind-blowing concoction with freshly macerated strawberries and just enough balsamic to catapult this 'tini into the stratosphere. On Saturdays, the space in the three large rooms is tighter than the tube dresses painted on the well-heeled clientele. Read more about The Pepper Lounge >>

  • Pepper

    Pepper's Bar & Grill

    5452 Gravois Ave. St. Louis, MO 63116

    Look for the giant pepper high above Gravois Avenue in south city, and you'll find Pepper's Bar and Grill. Pepper's features a large back bar that is separated from its front main bar and dining area. At Pepper's there is plenty to keep patrons entertained, including a jukebox, golf video games and several televisions. The menu features standard bar food items, such as T-ravs, fried pickles, pizzas, salads and burgers. Pepper's also offers sandwiches, including a pork tenderloin sandwich and the Gerber sandwich, open-faced ham and Provel served on garlic French bread. Pepper's Bar & Grill has a small parking lot, with street parking available on Gravois and Gertrude avenues. Read more about Pepper's Bar & Grill >>

  • Percy's Sports Bar & Steak

    1611 S. Florissant Road Cool Valley, MO 63121

  • Perry's Lounge

    1100 N. 9th St. East St Louis, IL 62201

  • Persimmon Ridge Vineyards

    7272 Sheppard Drive Barnhart, MO 63012

  • Pete's Lounge

    100 Big Arch Road Alton, IL 62002

  • Pete's Pub

    1833 Dunn Road Florissant, MO 63033

  • Peter Gunn's Lounge

    2713 Marcus Ave. St Louis, MO 63113-2134

  • Petra Café & Hookah Lounge

    Petra Café & Hookah Lounge

    3177 S. Grand Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63118
    314-772-4888 "We smoke, f*ck off" is spray painted above the bar at Petra Café and Hookah Lounge on South Grand. With that kind of attitude, it's readily apparent that Petra is not your traditional hookah joint. Petra has a variety of hookah flavors, including rose, honey, vanilla latte and several house blends. The prices are very reasonable: $10 for a small hookah, $13 for a large. They have a small menu of inexpensive Middle Eastern dishes ($5 for a chicken pita and a mound of hummus) that they serve up to an hour before close, and sometimes even later. Something that's totally unique to Petra: They give you a cup of bubbles and the top half of a cut-off plastic water bottle. Customers dip the open end of the bottle into the bubbles, drag off the hookah and blow the smoke into the bottle top, creating baseball-sized bubbles filled with perfumed smoke that waft above the crowd like crystal balls uninhibited by gravity. Read more about Petra Café & Hookah Lounge >>

  • Phelan's Pub & Grill

    1730 S. 8th St. St Louis, MO 63104-4006

  • Phyl's Chet Rose's Tavern

    204 N Duncan St Marine, IL 62061

  • Phyllis's Rail Shake Inn

    504 Walnut St. Highland, IL 62249

  • Pi

    6144 Delmar Blvd. St Louis, MO 63112-1204

  • The Piasa Pub

    225 W. Main St. Grafton, IL 62037

  • Pin-Up Bowl

    Pin-Up Bowl

    6191 Delmar Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63112
    314-727-5555 Pin-Up Bowl is another Joe Edwards establishment that, like all Joe Edwards establishments in the Delmar Loop, is an insanely popular mainstay with both locals and out-of-towners. The bowling alley and bar draws the post-Pageant and typical Loop crowd: Wash U students, scenesters, misfits and everything in between. Blue neon bathes the handful of lanes, and whoops and hollers can be heard from the bar, but you'll enjoy drinking here even if you don't feel like swapping your heels (or Chucks!) for bowling shoes. Read more about Pin-Up Bowl >>

  • Pine Room

    1102 Perry St. St Charles, MO 63301-2904

  • Pink Galleon Billiards & Games-South County

    Pink Galleon Billiards & Games-South County

    4010 Butler Hill Road South St. Louis County, MO 63129
    314-845-2386 Sometimes, happiness is found in a strip mall. The Pink Galleon is a vast gaming hall in south county, with pool tables as far as the eye can see and enough Big Buck Hunter games and dart boards to qualify as an arcade. Playful heckling and the unmistakable clink of billiard balls punctuate the ambiance. There's a surprising lack of flatscreen TVs - or maybe we were just too busy owning our air hockey competitors to notice. Read more about Pink Galleon Billiards & Games-South County >>

  • Pioneer Lounge

    614 N. 88th St. East St Louis, IL 62203

  • Pirate

    Pirate's Cove

    470 Howdershell Road Florissant, MO 63031

    Pirate's Cove is a sports bar with a nautical outlook -- skull & crossbones and pirate ship adornments cover the walls alongside glowing neon beer signs and flat screen TVs. The spacious bar includes a portion of hardwood floor set up for washers -- a fun inclusion to the usual darts / golden tee / pool tables set-up (all of which can also be found here). Smokers will be glad to find ashtrays on the dozen or so tables and drinkers will be pleased with the full bar selection and courteous bartenders. Off to the side is a small stage for live music; Pirate's Cove is known to play host to bar and cover bands on weekends. Read more about Pirate's Cove >>

  • Pirate's Cove

    10731 Margatehall Bridgeton, MO 63044

  • PJ

    PJ's Tavern In Kirkwood

    123 W. Jefferson Ave. Kirkwood, MO 63122
    314-966-2001 PJ's Tavern, a cozy, family-oriented bar and grill, has been a Kirkwood favorite since 1996. Decorated with brightly colored letterman jackets from St. Louis high schools and other local sports memorabilia, the restaurant is an ideal spot to take the kids after a grueling little-league match. If your thirst for sports hasn't yet been sated, look in any direction at the no fewer than six eye-searingly high-definition flat screens to absorb even more competitive play while enjoying a belt-loosening half-pound burger and fries, portioned generously enough to quell the hunger of even the most Bunyanesque aspiring sports star. Sneak away to the glisteningly lacquered bar to complete the evening with a frosty Smithwick's, Anchor Steam or good ol' Budweiser, all which are offered on tap. Don't get too excited, though -- you've still got a minivan full of Cardinals-to-be to drive home. Read more about PJ's Tavern In Kirkwood >>

  • Planter

    Planter's House

    1000 Mississippi Ave. St. Louis, MO 63104
    314-696-6203 Finally, master mixologist Ted Kilgore gets a house of his own with Planter’s House. This Lafayette Square temple to mixology is a showroom for Kilgore and company’s (wife, Jamie, and business partner, Ted Charak) inspired cocktail artistry. Drinks run the gamut from the approachable “Planter’s House Punch” to the esoteric wormwood-laden “Unusual Suspect.” The joint is, first and foremost, a cocktail room, but it features an inspired food menu. The poutine is magnificent -- thick, red-wine pork gravy covers a platter of fried and smashed fingerling potatoes. Or try the duck burger, a mammoth mix of ground duck, pork and bacon is served open-face on a pumpernickel bun with Gouda and a fried duck egg. It’s quite possibly the perfect way to soak up all of that booze. Read more about Planter's House >>

  • Platinum Plus Playhouse

    5411 Virginia Ave. St Louis, MO 63111

  • Player's Sports Bar

    27 Florissant Oaks Shop Center Florissant, MO 63031-3934

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