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Mangia Italiano

Mangia Italiano

Mangia Italiano is a classy 3 a.m. bar right in the middle of South Grand. There is plenty of free live music to be had, from Vinyl Fight DJ spins to the Dave Stone Trio’s incomparable jazz.


When Melt, originally located in the south Carondelet neighborhood, moved to Cherokee Street, it expanded everything from its square-footage and menu to its hours and entertainment initiatives.


Cicero’s in the Loop is a beer lover’s haven. With selections that alternate weekly, you can try just about any beer you’ve ever heard of along with a handful you haven’t.

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  • Three Monkeys

    Three Monkeys

    3153 Morganford Rd. St. Louis, MO 63116
    314-772-9800 Though the cheeky name and odd menu items ("Rainforest Salad," anyone?) may lead you to conclude this is a chain restaurant, Three Monkeys is really an honest modern take on the old corner tavern. It's a single, small room with low lights, wood fixtures and, when busy, a haze of cigarette smoke. Wood-fired pizzas and pork ribs are decent bets for a solid meal, and the "sweet-and-spicy" wings, a sauce that brings mild heat without vinegar's pucker, are a fine appetizer or snack. The list of draft and bottle beer includes a few higher-end selections. Read more about Three Monkeys >>

  • Tick Tock Tavern

    Tick Tock Tavern

    3459 Magnolia Ave St. Louis, MO 63118 Thanks to south city entrepreneurs, Tick Tock Tavern received a refreshing revival, opening for the first time since the '90s in its original south city space. It maintains its old-school identity with wood-paneled walls decked out in vintage signage, owl paraphernalia and more. The straightforward drink least features a selection of beer, wine and spirits -- no-frills cocktails sing to the tune of about five bucks. For a snack, just head next door to Steve's Hot Dogs for a wiener with the works. Read more about Tick Tock Tavern >>

  • Tigin Irish Pub & Restaurant

    Tigin Irish Pub & Restaurant

    333 Washington Ave. St. Louis, MO 63102
    314-241-8666 On the ground floor of the Hampton Inn downtown lies Irish pub Tigín. The pub, decked in wood, includes several small, separate rooms for diners and football fans. The modest beer selection includes the usual suspects at Irish pubs (Harp, Guinness), while the whiskey menu offers standards and a few higher-end choices (Middleton Very Rare). The menu highlights Irish fare, from the Irish breakfast (served all day) - which includes Irish sausages, rashers, black and white pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes and pan-fried potato bread - to corned beef and cabbage, and even has some unexpected choices (the boxty quesadilla, an Irish twist on the Mexican classic, with potato pancakes serving as the tortilla). Read more about Tigin Irish Pub & Restaurant >>

  • Tim & Joe's

    6500 W. Main St. Belleville, IL 62223

  • Tim

    Tim's Chrome Lounge

    4736 Gravois St. Louis, MO 63116

    "Old school" takes on new meaning at Tim's Chrome Bar, which has been operating adjacent to Bevo Mill since 1977. Five days a week, the bar is dark and the neon silent, but on Friday and Saturday nights, Tim's fills with folks who look to have been collecting retirement since the turn of the century. During the house band's jiving sets of oldies and goldies, they dance like it's 1958-sweethearts revolve slowly on the dance floor or even shake a tail feather en masse when the song calls for it. Bowls of snacks line the bar, and the friendly bar matron knocks back shots with blue-haired patrons. Anyone too young to collect Social Security will draw good-natured "these kids today!" glances, but those give way to appreciation if the young things are brave enough to join the fun on the floor. Read more about Tim's Chrome Lounge >>

  • Time Out Bar & Grill

    Time Out Bar & Grill

    4140 Gravois Ave. St. Louis, MO 63116
    314-771-3610 Don't judge a bar by its signage. Despite its somewhat suspect 'hood, Time Out is a spotless 3 a.m. bar that really gets crackin' when 1:30 draws near. A real live fireplace warms four inviting leather couches on one side of the bar; on the other there's a dance floor where you can belt your heart out at karaoke, dance your tush off or (in extreme cases) do both simultaneously. The bar opens at 6 a.m., boasting a $1.50 breakfast of two eggs, hash browns and toast to soak up the alcohol from the night (or mere hours) before. Time Out also has a full breakfast menu, served all day, that includes steak and eggs, breakfast burritos, and omelets; the regular menu includes burgers, sandwiches, pasta, pizza and daily specials, such as a rib-eye steak with fries, or fried fish and chips. Their kitchen stays open until 3 a.m. with an abbreviated menu. Read more about Time Out Bar & Grill >>

  • Time Out Lounge

    200 S 8th St Benld, IL 62009

  • Time-Out Sports Bar & Grill

    4140 Gravois Ave St. Louis, MO 63116

  • Timothy's Irish Pub

    2556 Raymond Drive St Charles, MO 63301-4842

  • Tim

    Tim's Chrome Bar

    4736 Gravois St. Louis, MO 63116

  • The Tin Cup

    518 Bates St. St. Louis, MO 63111

  • Tiny's

    602 N. Main St. Columbia, MO 62236

  • TJ


    1539 Madison Ave. Granite City, IL 62040

  • TK's Bar & Grill

    12334 Natural Bridge Rd Bridgeton, MO 63044-2019

  • Toast Time Bar

    12781 New Halls Ferry Road Florissant, MO 63033

  • Tom

    Tom's 100 West Irish Pub

    1266 Old Orchard Center Ballwin, MO 63021-5404

    What differentiates an Irish pub from just another bar? Some say the food, some say the beer and some say the decor. So what makes Tom's 100 West an Irish pub? Well, the owner is Irish, there are plenty of beers on tap, and there are a few clovers alongside the dart boards on the walls. Other than that, Tom's 100 West is just a standard, friendly neighborhood bar. The place's claim to fame are its liquor pitchers, which you can get for just $8 on Saturday nights. They're also experimenting with regular Saturday lingerie nights, which are exactly what they sound like: If ladies show up in lingerie, the liquor pitchers are free. Should ladies in their unmentionables fail to pull you in, they've got daily happy hour, friendly waitresses and free shuffleboard. Read more about Tom's 100 West Irish Pub >>

  • Tom

    Tom's Bar & Grill

    20 S. Euclid Ave. St. Louis, MO 63108
    314-367-4900 A classic American tavern that also happens to be one of the better sports bars in town, Tom's serves up a full lunch-and-dinner menu of pretty much everything you'd expect: wings, fried mushrooms, chef's salads, chili mac, roast beef sandwiches, chicken clubs. But predictable doesn't mean poorly executed: The food is fine, especially the tasty tuna salad and the strong, flavorful coffee poured out generously by the female waitstaff. A pair of TVs behind the ornate and gorgeous bar and a big-screen in the back ensure good game-catching sightlines for all. Read more about Tom's Bar & Grill >>

  • Tome's Sports Bar & Grill

    9580 Page Ave. Overland, MO 63132

  • Tommy's Saloon

    102 S. 2nd St Fieldon, IL 62031

  • Toni's Carol Inn

    2401 Mousette Lane Cahokia, IL 62206

  • Tony & Joe's Ii

    1414 7th St. Madison, IL 62060

  • Tony's & Chevy's Bar & Grill

    7549 St. Charles Rock Road Greendale, MO 63133

  • Tony's on Top

    132 Main St. St. Peters, MO 63376

  • Tony's Trading Post

    5426 Old State Route 21 Imperial, MO 63052

  • Top of The Landing Bar & Grill

    1440 N. Broadway St. Louis, MO 63102-2303

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