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Mile 277 Tap & Grill

Mile 277 Tap & Grill

We've long been searching for a biker bar that doesn't make us want to bathe in hand sanitizer, and Mile 277 is the answer to our prayers. The owners spared no expense, from the brushed chrome doors to the hogs scattered throughout the bar.


Sandrina's is a below-the-radar gem in Dogtown that draws a diverse crowd of south city folk. Hipsters and hoosiers commingle for drinks and from-scratch late night food.
Los Punk

Los Punk

Born out of the need to simply have some fun, Los Punk on south city's Cherokee Street has cold brews and hot daily special street food.

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  • Beaver's Sports Bar & Grill

    247 S. 88th St. East St. Louis, IL 62207

  • Blackmon's Plaza

    127 Collinsville Ave. East St. Louis, IL 62201

  • Boxers

    Boxers 'n Briefs

    55 Four Corners Lane East St. Louis, IL 62207
    618-332-6141 Boxers 'n Briefs' website boasts: "All races, colors, sexes and sexual orientations are welcome," and that is the damn truth. It doesn't matter if you're gay, straight or a penis-veil-wearing bachelorette, if you want to ogle dancing dudes, this is the only place to be. The cover charge is a little steep -- $10 on the weekends -- but you get hours of fun. The entertainment rotates all night, and it doesn't take the dancers long to get fully nude and do acrobatic flips right on the bar; here the entertainers are very accessible. The club also boasts a shower (on the bar -- for the dancers to perform in), private rooms and a drag show every Sunday night. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • C-Mowes Nightclub

    C-Mowes Nightclub

    2107 Kingshighway East St. Louis, IL 62201

    C-Mowe's doesn't suffer from flashy pretension. This spacious, no-frills strip joint features a pair of stages and an impressively long bar. The clientele here in northern Washington Park is a bit older and more relaxed than the clubs clustered off Interstate 64 on the southern edge of town. In addition to a pool table, C-Mowe's also has a huge projector screen, on which the nice young lady who mans the bar will play Cardinals and Rams games. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Casino Queen

    Casino Queen

    200 S. Front St. East St. Louis, IL 62201

  • Club 64 East

    52 St. Clair Ave. East St. Louis, IL 62201

  • Club Flava

    239 Collinsville Ave. East St. Louis, IL 62201

  • Club Illusion

    526 E. Broadway East St Louis, IL 62201

  • Hollywood Showclub

    Hollywood Showclub

    5841 Bunkum Road East St Louis, IL 62204
    618-874-9000 Even from a mile out, you can spot the lights beaming off the Hollywood strip club in Washington Park. Inside, with alternative radio rock blaring, there's plenty to catch your eye: loud carpet, laser lights, black lights and disco balls; half a dozen flat-screen TVs playing hardcore porn; and of course, four stages on which ladies dance in various levels of undress. If you'd prefer to be an audience of one, the girls will perform privately by the hour or even by the song. Booze isn't cheap here: A bottle of Budweiser will put you back $7, a mixed drink, $8. Blue-collar guys and businessmen alike come here every night it's open; Fridays and Saturdays can get busy. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Jackie's Place

    2502 N. 45th St. East St Louis, IL 62201

  • Larry Flynt

    Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

    5420 Bunkum Road Washington Park, IL 62204
    618-874-9334 Too often the strip-club experience is predictable: anorexic bottle blondes with boob jobs always on the hustle. At Larry Flynt's local lair, things work a bit differently. Bettie Page look-alikes offer you "dollar dances," while up on stage, a woman you swear you saw on puts on a ridiculously athletic pole dance. And don't forget the attached sex shop, which, besides selling a wide swath of XXX DVDs, features a selection of the metro area's most cutting-age sex apparati. Love Swing, anyone? Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Mansion Nightclub

    134 N. 4th St. East St. Louis, IL 62201

  • Miss Kitty's

    5300 Bunkum Road Washington Park, IL 62204

  • Oz Nightclub

    300 Monsanto Ave. Sauget, IL 62201
    618-274-1464 If you prefer action over ass, then the Oz is your east-side spot. It's three clubs in one: The main room has a dance floor, techno and house DJs, and four bars. An outdoor lounge called Patio Blue bumps hip-hop under a tented ceiling. The Emerald City VIP lounge has a decadent Casbah feel. Overall, there's a heady hook-up vibe in this all-night wonderland. Should you somehow not score, you can always stumble over to one of the strip bars next door. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • P.T.s Showclub-Centreville

    6400 Four Corners Lane East St. Louis, IL 62207
    618-337-4400 P.T.'s Showclub in Centreville is a adult club in East St. Louis. It offers "couples" nights on Friday and Saturday nights, which also feature both male and female "dancers." All manner of audience participation, both spontaneous and programmed, is encouraged -- well, almost all manner. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Penthouse Club

    Penthouse Club

    1401 Mississippi Ave. Sauget, IL 62201
    314-721-6008 You're not here for the cheap cover. You're not here for the cheap drinks. And you're definitely not here for the cheap lap dance. You're here for the ladies. And at the Penthouse Club, "where the magazine comes to life," the ladies rule. This chain, which comprises more than a dozen locations across the nation (and four others in Illinois, including Roxy's), offers a (comparatively) classy strip-club experience virtually in the shadow of the Arch. Vibewise, Penthouse feels more Vegas than east side, with its cozy chairs and cocktail tables. Dancers and cocktail waitresses alike greet and canoodle with customers as onstage performers dance to music from Duran Duran to Beyoncé while giving front-row patrons more than just an eyeful. Lap dance leave your tummy growling? Not to worry, there's a full dinner menu. So come hungry, and Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Plush

    657 E. Broadway East St. Louis, IL 62201

  • Pop

    Pop's Nightclub

    401 Monsanto Ave. East St. Louis, IL 62201
    618-274-6720 Drive up to Pop's, and you might just lose your nerve in that vast, concrete Illinois wasteland, brightly lit by gas station flood lights and blazing neon strip clubs. But you'll pull up and park anyway because hell, the damn place never closes. No matter if you arrive at 6 p.m. for a local show or major rock band, or six a.m. after a bizarre strip-club crawl wending from the Brooklyn sin strip to Sauget, there's one thing you can count on at Pop's: Someone is always drunker than you could ever hope to be at this truck stop-venue-watering hole. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Posh Nightclub

    657 E. Broadway East St. Louis, IL 62201

  • PT

    PT's Sports Cabaret

    200 Monsanto Ave. Sauget, IL 62201
    618-274-4500 What's better than an awesome strip club? How about an awesome strip club that's completely sports-themed! With eighteen TVs and three big screens, PT's Sports Cabaret patrons can check out up to eight different sporting events at once. If watching sports on screens fails to trip your trigger, mark your calendar for one of their sporting-themed events — such as topless volleyball. Another PT's selling point: the food, which is more sports-bar tasty than strip-joint slipshod. And if you came for striptease and not strip steak, well, PT's delivers plenty of that. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Sevens

    200 S. Front St. East St. Louis, IL 62201
    618-874-5000 Situated right inside the entrance to the Casino Queen, but before the flashing lights and ringing bells, Sevens serves up a menu of pub-grub favorites. Starters include wings, nachos and quesadillas, while the main event offers dishes such as pizza and sandwiches, including a Reuben and a prime-rib sandwich. Guests can catch a glimpse of sporting events from just about anywhere in the restaurant including the huge TV that sits over the equally impressive bar. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>