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Mile 277 Tap & Grill

Mile 277 Tap & Grill

We've long been searching for a biker bar that doesn't make us want to bathe in hand sanitizer, and Mile 277 is the answer to our prayers. The owners spared no expense, from the brushed chrome doors to the hogs scattered throughout the bar.


Sandrina's is a below-the-radar gem in Dogtown that draws a diverse crowd of south city folk. Hipsters and hoosiers commingle for drinks and from-scratch late night food.
Los Punk

Los Punk

Born out of the need to simply have some fun, Los Punk on south city's Cherokee Street has cold brews and hot daily special street food.

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  • Airliner Bar & Grill

    573 E. Airline Drive East Alton, IL 62024

  • Alton Sports Tap

    3812 College Ave. Alton, IL 62002

  • Argosy Casino - Alton

    Argosy Casino - Alton

    One Piasa St. Alton, IL 62002
    618-474-7500 Located on the banks of the Mississippi in historic Alton, IL Argosy Casino is one of the area's premier gaming and entertainment facilites. The casino hosts everything from popular stand-up comedy to legends of classic rock, soul and R&B. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Big Muddy

    Big Muddy

    204 State St. Alton, IL 62002
    618-463-1095 This downtown Alton mainstay is a converted townhouse, which explains why it feels so homey: Picture windows look out onto State Street, friendly bartenders sling drinks, and the venue's back room even resembles a renovated den. The audience packs into the latter's cozy booths and tables nightly as musicians grace the stage, performing everything from jazz to jam sessions. The crowd is attentive and the acoustics amazing; you may just find yourself with a second home. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Bossanova Restaurant & Martini Lounge

    Bossanova Restaurant & Martini Lounge

    112 W. Third Alton, IL 62002
    618-462-1175 Bossanova Restaurant & Martini Lounge is a bar and restaurant located in Alton, Illinois. It serves contemporary cuisine with a focus on small plates and pizza. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Bubby & Sissy

    Bubby & Sissy's

    602 Belle St. Alton, IL 62002
    618-465-4773 Just a few blocks from the upscale bars of the State Street neighborhood, Bubby & Sissy's is on a mission to make Alton a wee bit freakier. The tacky-chic watering hole is LGBT friendly and hosts extremely popular drag shows every weekend at JP's Showlounge upstairs. Bubby & Sissy's may be a conservative's nightmare, but the place is overwhelmingly welcoming. Its back patio features a stunning waterfall display and always-burning campfire. The owners serve free dinners to patrons twice a week, and the Christmas lights decking out the bar provide the familiar feeling of throwing back tallboys in your college dorm room. The Glenn Becks of the world are petrified of stepping foot in a place like Bubby & Sissy's - probably because they'd never want to leave. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Chez Marilyn

    Chez Marilyn

    119 W. Third St. Alton, IL 62002
    618-465-8071 Salon by day and bar by night, Chez Marilyn is a lounge for your inner glamourpuss. Old Hollywood posters deck the walls, and the movie-themed drinks (Casablanca, Bus Stop, Gone with The Wind) are as elegant as Audrey Hepburn at Tiffany's. In lieu of cashews or peanuts, Chez Marilyn offers free self-serve popcorn direct from an air-popping cart while televisions project the movies Marilyn's champions. Adding to the elegance is its outdoor seating area, a patio featuring cobblestones, live acoustic music and all that jazz. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Chubby's Warehouse Bar & Grill

    1022 E. Broadway Alton, IL 62002

  • Donna's Phil's Bar & Grill

    225 E. Edwardsville Road Wood River, IL 62095

  • Donzo's Lounge, Inc.

    8 E. Ferguson Ave. Wood River, IL 62095

  • Fast Eddie

    Fast Eddie's Bon-Air

    1530 E. Fourth St. Alton, IL 62002
    618-462-5532 Fast Eddie's may or may not be, as one of its brochures boasts, the "#1 volume bar in the world." Nonetheless, this 80-year-old, 400-seat institution is almost always packed, owing to its serving up filling if not elaborate meals for just a couple of bucks as long as you're willing to buy a drink while you're there and to retrieve your own meal from the counter. The menu has a total of seven items, the most expensive being a beef-tenderloin kebab called a "Big Elwood on a Stick," topping out at a whopping $1.99. A half-pound "Fat Eddie" hamburger is 99 cents, and individual jumbo shrimp are a steal at 29 cents apiece. And don't forget: Only patrons 21 and older are allowed, so leave the kiddos at home. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Forever Legends

    2204 Fosterberd Road Alton, IL 62002

  • Gentelin

    Gentelin's on Broadway

    122 E. Broadway Alton, IL 62002
    618-465-6080 Chef Ryan Gentelin offers familiar fare prepared well, with the occasional flourish of presentation or touch of inspired fusion. You have more than a dozen entrées from which to choose, with grilled meats and seafood your best bet. (There are also several dishes noted as vegetarian friendly.) The wild mushroom toasted ravioli are fantastic, and the bread pudding, served with homemade cinnamon ice cream and a decadent caramel-bourbon sauce, is worth the calories. Your lasting memory will be the view of the Clark Bridge and Mississipi River. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Hawg Pit BBQ Barn

    821 W. Main St. Grafton, IL 62037

  • Jazz on Broadway

    554 E. Broadway Alton, IL 62002

  • The Key West Bar

    One Piasa St. Alton, IL 62002

  • Loading Dock Restaurant & Bar

    Loading Dock Restaurant & Bar

    400 Front St. Grafton, IL 62037

  • Mac

    Mac's Time Out

    315 Belle St. Alton, IL 62002

    This friendly bar/off-track betting parlor/dance club has a little bit of everything, including a beer garden and really good barbecue. Located in surprisingly cool downtown Alton, Mac's Time Out has a staggering number of televisions --62, by our count -- so you can watch as many as fifteen different racetracks from the comfort of your bar stool. But you don't have to limit your visits to race days; there's a Sunday brunch from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and dancing into the early morning on weekend nights. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Mike

    Mike's Ten-Pin Lounge

    18 E. Broadway Alton, IL 62002

    Don't be fooled; Mike's Ten Pin Lounge is not the retro bowlers' bar that its name may imply. In the 1950s, Mike's was where patrons of a nearby Alton alley went to wet their whistles between frames. Today, Mike's exists a few blocks from its original downtown location on one of the more diagonal areas of East Broadway, where the establishment recalls the dives of yore - cigarette vending machine, restaurant-style benches and video slots. Throw in the bi-weekly late-night performances by proficient classic rock cover act Mondinband, and Mike's Ten Pin Lounge is the perfect start, end or encore for your Alton alcohol adventure. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>

  • Porky's Place

    1523 Edwardsville Road Wood River, IL 62095

  • Rajin' Cajun Piano Bar

    210 W. Third St. Alton, IL 62002

  • SOHO Cafe

    410 S. Main St. Wood River, IL 62095

  • Spirits Lounge

    300 State St. Alton, IL 62002

  • Thymes Past

    2223 State Alton, IL 62002

  • Woodstock Lounge

    Woodstock Lounge

    638 E. Broadway Alton, IL 62002

    The name is Woodstock Lounge, but locals are likely to refer to this downtown Alton bar as "Bud Light," since the brew's protruding sign overshadows the bar's own name on its storefront. The no-nonsense vibe continues inside where the beer is cheap, the jukebox is loud, and three flat-screen TVs proudly display the evening's most crucial sporting event. Woodstock is a bring-your-own-camaraderie kind of place whose only luxury is its spacious smoking patio. If you like your bars cozy and low on frivolity, Woodstock Lounge has a domestic bottle with your name on it. Read more about this St. Louis bar or club >>