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  • Carondelet Park Rec Complex

    Carondelet Park Rec Complex

    930 Holly Hills Ave. St. Louis, MO 63111

  • Epiphany Bowling Lanes

    Epiphany Bowling Lanes

    3164 Ivanhoe Ave. St. Louis, MO 63139
    314-781-8684 The Epiphany Bowling Lanes are open to the public, but clearly belong to the community of parishioners who make up the Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Parish. That’s not to say you’ll feel unwelcome at this tiny, eight-lane alley — just that the quaint facility is clearly borne of the adjacent church and tidy neighborhood of Lindenwood Park. Weekly bowling league leader boards are posted prominently, and the facilities are blue-collar and immaculately clean. The alley is generally open September through May from mid-afternoon to early evening, but call and ask because hours vary and most weeknights feature league play. The posted availability may be somewhat limited, but there’s a good chance they’ll open up if you’re looking to reserve a lane. Birthday parties and other events are popular; an adjacent room that accommodates more than 100 people can be rented for about $100. There is a standard grill with snacks and beer (or wine coolers), plus a couple arcade games and pinball machines. The real selling point of Epiphany Bowling, aside from the atmosphere, is the price — ridiculously low. Shoes cost $1.50 and games are $2.00 before 6 p.m. and $3.00 after. More >>

  • Marquette Recreation Center

    Marquette Recreation Center

    4025 Minnesota Ave. St. Louis, MO 63118

  • YMCA

    3150 Sublette Ave. St. Louis, MO 63139

  • St. Louis Skatium

    St. Louis Skatium

    120 E Catalan St St. Louis, MO 63111

    On a regular night, the St. Louis Skatium plays host to roller hockey and roller derby practices. Over certain weekends, however, the southside roller rink transforms into a canvas for partiers to convene for DJed parties and even live music. Some of the most memorable nights happen on wheels, and the Skatium has 'em handy to strap on to dancing feet along with a bar full of refreshments and drinks. More >>