Year-End Film Poll — 2011

Film Poll 2011
1. Albert Brooks
# of Votes 73
# of Mentions 31
Film Poll 2011
2. Christopher Plummer
# of Votes 53
# of Mentions 24
Film Poll 2011
3. Viggo Mortensen
A Dangerous Method
# of Votes 27
# of Mentions 12
Film Poll 2011
4. Brad Pitt
The Tree of Life
# of Votes 21
# of Mentions 9
Film Poll 2011
5. John C. Reilly
# of Votes 20
# of Mentions 8
Film Poll 2011
6. Bruce Greenwood
Meek's Cutoff
# of Votes 16
# of Mentions 9
Film Poll 2011
7. John Hawkes
Martha Marcy May Marlene
# of Votes 14
# of Mentions 8
Film Poll 2011
8. Patton Oswalt
Young Adult
# of Votes 13
# of Mentions 7
Film Poll 2011
9. Andy Serkis
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
# of Votes 13
# of Mentions 6
Film Poll 2011
10. Kiefer Sutherland
# of Votes 11
# of Mentions 6
Nick Nolte, Warrior115
Jonah Hill, Moneyball106
Kevin Spacey, Margin Call106
Hunter McCracken, The Tree of Life95
Armie Hammer, J. Edgar85
Jeremy Irons, Margin Call83
Brian Cox, Coriolanus73
Choi Min-sik, I Saw the Devil63
Chris New, Weekend63
Ezra Miller, We Need to Talk About Kevin63
Michael Lonsdale, Of Gods and Men63
Shahab Hosseini, A Separation63
Rob Brydon, The Trip53
Bobby Cannavale, Win Win43
John C. Reilly, Cedar Rapids43
Ben Kingsley, Hugo42
Bruno Ganz, Unknown42
Mark Strong, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy42
Matt Damon, Contagion42
Max von Sydow, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close33
Charles Parnell, Pariah32
Jim Broadbent, The Iron Lady32
Vincent Cassel, A Dangerous Method32
Benedict Cumberbatch, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy31
Chris Cooper, The Muppets31
Guillaume Canet, Last Night31
Jude Law, Contagion31
Ken Medlock, Moneyball31
Michael Fassbender, X-Men: First Class31
Michael Fassbender, Jane Eyre31
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Moneyball31
Raul Castillo, Cold Weather31
Ray McKinnon, Take Shelter31
Michael Parks, Red State22
Adriano Luz, Mysteries of Lisbon21
Adrien Brody, Midnight in Paris21
Beau Bridges, The Descendants21
Ben Foster, The Mechanic21
Bryan Cranston, Drive21
Christoph Waltz, Carnage21
Christopher C.J. Wallace, Everything Must Go21
Clive Owen, Trust21
Corey Stoll, Midnight in Paris21
Cory Zacharia, Littlerock21
Jeremy Irvine, War Horse21
John C. Reilly, Carnage21
Joshua Leonard, Higher Ground21
Laramie Eppler, The Tree of Life21
Robert Longstreet, Septien21
Roschdy Zem, Point Blank21
Shakib Ben Omar, You All Are Captains21
Tom Hardy, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy21
Will Patton, Meek's Cutoff21
William Shimell, Certified Copy21
Wings Hauser, Rubber21
Zachary Quinto, Margin Call21
Chris O'Dowd, Bridesmaids11
Colin Firth, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy11
Isiah Whitlock, Cedar Rapids11
Jackie Chan, Shaolin11
James Cromwell, The Artist11
Joe Putterlik, The Future11
John Goodman, The Artist11
John Hawkes, Marthy Marcy May Marlene11
Ken Jeong, Transformers: Dark of the Moon11
Kenneth Branagh, My Week with Marilyn11
Laurence Fishburne, Contagion11
Markus Schleinzer, The Robber11
Norbert Leo Butz, Higher Ground11
Paul Bettany, Margin Call11
Richard Jenkins, Hall Pass11
Sacha Baron Cohen, Hugo11
Sebastian Banes, In the Family11
Stanley Tucci, Margin Call11
Woody Harrelson, Friends with Benefits11

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