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Chipotle Mexican Grill-Creve Coeur

11485 Olive Blvd. Town & Country, MO 63141 | Creve Coeur | 314-983-9358

Location Description:

There are chains you loathe, chains you can tolerate and chains you secretly love. Then there's Chipotle, which you should put on a pedestal and offer sacrifices to. The burritos are big, yes (though probably not as big as your head), and quickly made to order, but it's Chipotle's commitment to quality that sets it so far above the fast-casual crowd: beef, chicken and pork raised without hormones or antibiotics, piquant salsas, tortillas that hold everything together without being gummy. Hell, even the beans taste better. A few Chipotle fans claim they can make a burrito — already a steal at $5 to $6 — last two meals, but you probably won't believe it until you see it yourself. See listing for additional location under "St. Charles County."