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Circus Flora Big Top

Samuel Shepard Drive and N. Grand Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63103 | St. Louis - Grand Center | 314-289-4040

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Back in 1987, Circus Flora became St. Louis' own one-ring circus, and year after year, the circus performing-arts company continues to wow audiences of all ages. The air-conditioned big top only occupies its designated space behind Powell Symphony Hall for about a month or so in the late spring/early summer, but even still, the magic that emanates from the intimate cherry-red tent -- there's not a bad seat in the house -- can be felt throughout Grand Center and beyond. Expect to witness jaw-dropping human aerial and acrobatic feats, alongside skilled animal acts with a whole lot of heart, all knitted together with live music and a unique story each season.

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Business Description

Circus Flora was a hit from the very beginning. Not content with a traditional circus, Balding set out to create a new formula - weaving separate acts together by the common thread of an engaging storyline. Original, live music and a narrative frame the acts, bringing animals and people together in a unique celebration of life. By integrating classic traditions of the circus with theater techniques, an ensemble cast and a storyline, Circus Flora produces mesmerizing shows that consistently deliver wonder and amazement to audience members of all ages. The ensemble company mixes the best of world-class, family-based circus knowledge, passed down from generation to generation, with actors, dancers, musicians and animals, as well as performers from the new circus street and vaudeville movements. The artistry, magic and charm of Circus Flora's performances have made it part of the vanguard of the "new circus" movement in North America.