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City Studio Dance Center & Art Gallery

4397 Laclede Ave. St. Louis, MO 63108 | St. Louis - Central West End | 314-533-4142

Business Description

The City Studio’s dance program is designed for dancers and non-dancers alike. The “Joy of Dance” is made available and accessible to anyone who always wanted to dance, wants to dance again, or hopes to become a professional dancer. The studio caters mainly to busy adults, with the majority of classes scheduled in the evenings and on weekends. In addition to dancers and students the clients of the studio come from a wide and diverse background and include a varied array of professions. The classes are tailored to fit many different needs and levels. Our instructors are professional dancers and choreographers and teach through positive and supportive reinforcement. The studio is a very friendly place to dance and exercise. The atmosphere of the Studio is relaxed and welcoming. Also The City Studio is a place where artists within the Community are able to exchange their ideas and talents with others on the staff. The Studio creates a supportive system for dancers (and other artists) within the Community. The Studio is often used for collaborative works with area choreographers, dancers and musicians. The Studio hosts local dance companies through space-sharing. There are master classes offered at the Studio throughout the year featuring both local teachers as well as national and international guests. The City Studio, which was founded in 1986, is experiencing a renaissance. By focusing on the area’s rich and diverse talent, it is now able to offer expert instructors and exciting classes in Dance, Drumming, Yoga and Pilates. The Studio also offers rentals to choreographers, dancers, actors, artists, dance and theatre companies for rehearsal space.