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Double Apple

3131 Olive Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63103 | St. Louis - Midtown | 314-371-6700

Location Description:

St. Louis is experiencing a hookah renaissance - OK, so we like to keep trends alive a few years after their expiration date. (Isn't that part of the River City's charm?) Double Apple is a new hookah bar and cafe on Olive Boulevard. This slowly gentrifying section of Midtown finds its life blood in the student population of Saint Louis University, and Double Apple 's 18+ policy gives freshmen a place to chill that isn't a student center or a Starbucks. There's no cover, and a live belly dancer shimmies through the cramped space, puffing proffered hookah while (of-age!) patrons knock back shots or debate which tobacco flavor to sample next.

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