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Hollywood Casino-VooDoo Café & Lounge - Closed

777 Casino Center Drive Maryland Heights, MO 63043 | Maryland Heights | 314-770-7700

Location Description:

If a cruise ship crashed into an electronics store, you'd have something similar to the VooDoo Lounge at Hollywood Casino. Up front, there's a full bar flanked by giant, fiber-optic televisions, while on top of the bar is yet another giant screen and -- the stage? Yes, in a confusing (yet delightful) turn, musical acts perform on top of the bar, making them visibly accessible to both the floor and the balcony's cozy half-moon booths. And even if you're caught in the rear of the venue, mini-screens at the tables televise the onstage happenings. Such a lush, colorful and unique atmosphere makes the VooDoo an ideal place to catch your favorite local and national acts.

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